Santina Croniser

Ink Drawing of Santina on a PostIt Note
Illustration courtesy of Mikala Buwalda

Front-End Accessibility Developer (and so much more!)

With unique experience in front-end development, Santina currently works with HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (ES6), and React. She contracts with an agile team at a bank, monitoring and auditing accessibility while developing SPA (Single Page Architecture) applications. She specializes in providing in-code solutions to match WCAG 2.1 success criterion.

Previously, she's worked in the web department at marketing firms. She's also worked in the communications department at Northwestern University. She has varying degrees of passion and/or skill for the following: Java, Python, Ruby, XSLT, Velocity

In addition to coding ability, she also has knowledge and/or experience in following areas: public speaking, InfoSec, training, technical writing, technical support, content writing, information architecture, quality assurance testing, and usability.